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Prep Your Home for Winter

By: Stephanie Livingston, REALTOR®️ with the Livingston Real Estate Team at Hunziker & Associates

We are already starting to see signs of winter from Mother Nature, with temperatures dipping lower and lower. Now is a great time to get to work prepping your home for winter. Check out the tips below and add them to your To-Do list.

Revamp Your Roof
If you’ve noticed missing or damaged shingles or any other visible signs of extreme wear on your roof, now’s the time to take care of the problem.

Check Your Deck
Just like your roof, your deck is under pressure to perform, especially when winter weather strikes. Areas already distressed or beginning to warp are susceptible to further damage and can be a real safety concern during the winter. Cleaning, treating, and painting will help avoid accidents later.

Make Your Home Airtight
Ensure your home is airtight and energy-efficient by checking your windows and doors for damaged seals, cracks, and drafts. Caulking and adding weatherstripping will save you in energy costs.

Schedule a Heating System Checkup
Contact an HVAC pro to perform a maintenance check, make necessary repairs, and offer improved efficiency suggestions.

Avoid Plumbing Woes
Before the cold arrives, ensure any pipes that are exposed or prone to freezing are insulated. Outdoor spigots should be turned off, and the line leading to it drained.

Add Insulation
Consider adding insulation in a few places throughout your home to increase your home’s warmth and ease the strain of heating bills on your wallet.

Whether you’re an optimistic do-it-yourself champion or prefer leaving the work to pros, these home maintenance projects can make a big difference in your home’s comfort, efficiency, and safety this winter.

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