Front porch decorated with pumpkins, bats, and spiders for Halloween

6 Tips for a Safe Halloween

Make sure you’re staying safe while having fun this Halloween.

By: Stephanie Livingston, REALTOR®️ with the Livingston Real Estate Team at Hunziker & Associates

Adults and kids alike look forward to Halloween every year. It’s a great opportunity to dress in costume, socialize, and get delicious treats. However, all treats come with some tricks, and it is important to keep your family, home, neighbors, and belongings safe on the holiday. Make sure you are staying safe while having fun by following these 6 safety tips this Halloween.

  1. Lock your doors
    Seems like a simple thing to do, but it’s incredibly important to secure your property by locking doors and windows to your house. While people are going house to house for Halloween, it can be pretty easy for a thief to give your doors a try. Don’t give criminals a chance to get more than candy for trick or treat.
  2. Add some light
    Kids are not super careful when it comes to watching where they are going, and the promise of candy doesn’t help. It’s important to remove anything that is a hazard that could cause kids to trip and fall. Move the potted mums and pumpkins out of the way and turn on the lights. While it may seem more spooky in the dark, kids would rather be able to see where they are going that fall and get hurt.
  3. Get rid of fire hazards
    Jack-o’-lanterns seem like a must for Halloween, but if you are using candles to make them shine, they become a fire hazard if knocked over or catch the hem of a costume. Choose battery operated or electric candles to lend some light to your spooky pumpkins.
  4. Keep your pets secure
    Pets aren’t always excited about having a constant stream of people at the door. Each time the door opens offers a chance for dogs and cats to escape. Trick or treaters who knock at your door are hoping for candy and not to be startled or bit by a fleeing animal. Avoid mishaps by keeping your furry loved ones secure and out of harm’s way.
  5. Keep valuables out of sight
    Halloween offers strangers a peek into people’s home and even if they are not directly at your door, they can often still see into your house. Do a quick pick up before trick or treaters stop by and put away expensive items. If you have a security system that chimes when doors open, consider having it on to show would-be burglars you intend to keep your home secure. Then, when the trick or treaters have gone home turn the system on.
  6. COVID-19
    Unfortunately, Halloween 2020 will look a little different. The CDC recommends wearing a cloth mask and being outside while handing out treats. Even better, set up a station of individual candy packs that the kids can take – make sure you wash your hands before putting them together. Encourage social distancing and avoid close gatherings with people who live outside your home.

We all want to have fun this Halloween, but the safety of your family, home, neighbors, and belongings takes the cake. Be safe this Halloween and add these 6 tips to your routine for a safe and spook -tacular evening!

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